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Spencer Damon first encountered BanchoLeomon when looking for King Drasil. BanchoLeomon asked him which was better: a god or a Bancho? The two fought in a battle that ended much like Marcus and Agumon's. He became friends with him and later transformed BanchoLeomon to BanchoLeomon Burst Mode to fight the Royal Knights member Craniammon. When BanchoLeomon disarmed him by digivolving to Burst Mode, King Drasil appeared and it appeared that Spencer would finally be able to make peace between the two worlds. However, when Akihiro Kurata attacked the Digital World the first time, Spencer was imprisoned. When Spencer bet his life that it would not happen again, BanchoLeomon stood up for him and King Drasil gave Spencer another chance. BanchoLeomon was there when news about Merukimon's deletion at the hands of Gizumon XT reached King Drasil. When the other Royal Knights members surround Spencer to execute him, BanchoLeomon jumped in the way and punched Spencer himself, and part of Spencer's soul was transferred into BanchoLeomon before King Drasil took his body.

BanchoLeomon first appears to the DATS members when he takes out all the Gizumon XT sent by Kurata. He later trains Marcus Damon, Thomas H. Norstein and Yoshino Fujieda on how to master their DNA Charges. After ShineGreymon, MirageGaogamon, Rosemon won against BioThunderbirdmon, BioQuetzalmon and BioStegomon, BanchoLeomon pointed to the direction where the Holy Capital is and left. BanchoLeomon later appears in the Real World to tell Marcus and Agumon that the GeoGrey Sword plays a part in unlocking ShineGreymon's Burst Mode. When Kurata/Belphemon's attack broke the boundaries of the Real and Digital Worlds, BanchoLeomon released Spencer's DNA Charge within him to slow it down, freezing itself in place, until Craniammon somehow released him and replaced him. He appeared at King Drasil's lair and revealed to Marcus the whole story about his link with Spencer. Fulfilling the Digimon tradition of having a Leomon variant sacrifice his life in previous seasons of Digimon, he sacrificed his life for ShineGreymon to take out Spencer possessed by King Drasil.

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